Centennial Celebration

St. Peter's Lutheran Church

In January of this year, the St Peter's congregation was asked to complete a survey to help prepare for the Centennial Celebration. 

The follow is the survey results regarding what the congretation was expecting and most looking forward to at the Centennial Celebration.

Celebrating the 100 years of Christian Faith in the Brunsville community.
Renewing friendships with those who travel to Brunsville to celebrate with us.
Checking out 100 years of church history, old pictures, old stories.
Hearing messages from former pastors of the church.
Hearing faith experiences & special blessings from the many members over the years.
Participating in the Celebration church service itself as a meaningful highpoint to celebrate Christian Biblical faith in our own community of saints at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church.
 I am not looking forward to this really. It is too much work & organization for me.0

To the question of "What other comments do you have?"

"Thanking those who have kept the church alive throughout the years past and present."
  -  Marlyn Renken 

"I am also looking forward to learning more about St. Peter’s history".
  -  Pastor Shawn Brooks 

St Peter's 

Centennial Celebration

10:00 am

June 18, 2017 

Come Celebrate
With Us!

"...teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.” Matt 28:20


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